Sussing ‘Stances’ & ‘Operation Twist’

Any stance is always interim. No government can continue with a stance for more than a stipulated period. Periods of “accommodative stances” foster growth and inflation. To extenuate the later “Calibrated tightening” is adopted. Eventually, growth in the economy gets hit, unemployment and deflation get upped. Again, the stance gets changed to “accommodative”.

Deceptive prominence of annualised yield

Have you come across “annualised yield” in FD (Fixed deposit) advertisements? A granular search for the term would make you find it, at the bottom of the notice, printed in miniature font. Lets’ ponder on what is deceiving with the term’s usage in advertisements. Annualised Yield draws its foundation from the concept of compounding. So,Continue reading “Deceptive prominence of annualised yield”

An insight about Laffer curve & tax rates

Laffer curve suggests that increasing the tax rate beyond a threshold, does not fructify the thirst to mobilize higher revenues. What’s a Laffer curve? Laffer curve portrays tax revenue in relation to tax rates. Visualize a miniature crack in greater heights of a reservoir filled until its brim. As the miniature crack develops, the reservoirContinue reading “An insight about Laffer curve & tax rates”

Comprehending the flow in Indian economy

A question by default lingering us at the offset of every month ; where can I invest my residual Salary? India has a plethora of investment avenues, quite a few with sovereign backing. Indeed, every Indian citizen is lucky! The GoI (Government of India) borrows from its own people. The conservative mindset of the countryContinue reading “Comprehending the flow in Indian economy”

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