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Chronicles of gold rally

Yellow Metal (aka ‘gold’) is lucrative, lustrous, an electrical conductor, malleable and a safe haven. The list is not exhaustive. Given the current circumstance, the price of the yellow metal continues to remain bullish, subject to moderate corrections. Gold has seldom failed in maintaining its store of value. Lets ponder a bit on the rationaleContinue reading “Chronicles of gold rally”

A deep dive into Special Drawing Rights (SDR)

Rupee’s performance since 2020 has not been encouraging. The domestic currency has depreciated about 6%. Incumbent, it hovers in 74-76 ball park. In line with the principles of managed floating exchange system – RBI intervenes only in days of acute volatility. Theoretically the exchange rate system is trifurcated. Fixed, floating & managed floating system ofContinue reading “A deep dive into Special Drawing Rights (SDR)”

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